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This project was born out of the desire to create a geographically distributed, event driven system which would process data in a scalable and resiliant way. Several routes were with varying degrees of success before I finally arrived at an archtitecture which led me to write QUAGMIRE.

The architecture itself is relatively simple, using AMQP (RabbitMQ) as a broker and then sitting QUAGMIRE across the top to impose a little bit of structure and abstraction from the messaging layer.

The current structure of QUAGMIRE sits in two parts. The configuration service which allows components to be remotely controlled / configured. And the core QUAGMIRE API which provides a set of .NET base classes and helper methods to allow easy integration with the configuration system and abstraction from the messaging layer.

At the moment the project is rather heavily biased towards my own requirements and as such I have not created a formal release. Over the coming weeks and months I plan to remove some of these biases and make it a more general framework for use.

Examples of use and formal release to come soon.

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